Durham seeks jail time for ex-FBI lawyer Clinesmith, who dealt with the CIA electronic mail on Carter Web page

US attorney John Durham, who is leading an investigation into the origins of the "Russian collusion" scandal, recommends six months' imprisonment for an FBI attorney caught altering documents.

Durham recommends six months for Clinesmith

Kevin Clinesmth, a former FBI attorney, pleaded guilty in August of this year of modifying an email relating to Carter Page, a former Trump campaign spokesman.

As a result, US attorney Durham asked a federal judge in a trial on Thursday to convict Clinesmith of his crime of making false testimony "between the middle and high ends" of the sentencing guidelines.

The sentence could be up to six months in prison.

Page was investigated as part of the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane," an investigation into alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In 2016, the CIA informed the FBI that Page had worked as an "operational contact" for the agency from 2008 to 2013.

This information was not taken into account during the initial FISA arrest warrant for Page, one of 17 errors found by the Inspector General's Office.

NEW: U.S. attorney John Durham is filing for a sentence of up to 6 months for Kevin Clinesmith – the former FBI attorney who pleaded guilty to modifying an email from the CIA about former Trump election worker Carter Page. https: //t.co. / 2msLCeTZnU

– Alex Salvi (@alexsalvinews) December 4, 2020

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"Political or personal prejudice" against the Trump campaign

In June 2017, Clinesmith asked the CIA about Page regarding a re-surveillance application.

He added the words "no source" to the email from a CIA liaison, and then reported the changed email to senior FBI officials.

Durham has argued that Clinesmith made the change regarding Page in 2016 because of "political or personal bias" against President Trump and his campaign team.

"At the time, I believed the information I provided in the email was correct, but I agree that the information I included in the email was not yet there," said Clinesmith during his hearing in August.

Clinesmith's attorneys said their client "made a serious mistake" changing the email and is "now taking full responsibility" for his actions.

However, Clinesmith has admitted that the FBI, which found Page was a CIA source, "drastically" changed the way the FBI would have handled its FISA filings at the time of the investigation.

New – Kevin Clinesmith files his judgment.

Claim: "Kevin did not knowingly lie about the relationship between Individual # 1 (Carter Page) and the other government agency (CIA)."

Seeks prison sentence.

Complete document: https: //t.co/Otgi8cWNrP pic.twitter.com/ERGugxVY5h

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