75 PA Home Republicans are calling for Biden to be appealed to get votes for the electoral school

After Rudy Giuliani had a seizure, 75 Republicans from Pennsylvania House sent a letter asking the state Congressional delegation to object to Joe Biden's state electoral college vote.

The letter:

75 GOP members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives – including Speaker Bryan Cutler and Maj Leader Kerry Benninghoff – sign a letter to the state Congressional Delegation in DC asking them to object to the PA Electoral College vote being given to Biden on January 6 to raise. QzFFPDYXkm

– Jeremy Roebuck (@jeremyrroebuck) December 4, 2020

There's no chance this will happen, but it was a move to appease Trump:

It did so a day after Cutler and Benninghoff signed a separate letter saying the PA General Assembly would not improve results in Harrisburg and self-nominate voters – and just hours after Rudy Giuliani and other Trump allies did them Called "traitors" and "cowards" for it

– Jeremy Roebuck (@jeremyrroebuck) December 4, 2020

The new one came later after Rudy Guiliani went into a tantrum complaining about state legislatures that complied with the law and refused to overturn the election for Trump.

The behavior of many elected Republicans since Joe Biden's victory has been an example of a level of political cowardice that would have made impeachment a certainty in another time. The Republicans of the house are trying to feed Trump.

It doesn't seem to matter that Donald Trump is no longer in office. Republicans at many levels of government will continue to bow and placate him for fear of getting in the way of a failed president with a term in office than of the consequences of not doing the right thing and protecting the American electoral system.

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