What the nunchuck is happening in Arizona? Lawyer basic’s video will get broadly mocked on Twitter


That’s a real thing happening there.

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich must be under a lot of stress. He is considered the Republican Party’s best chance at turning Sen. Mark Kelly’s seat red this coming election. He’s the front-runner for the nomination to run against Sen. Kelly. But he’s also, up until recently, been on the list of MAGA-lite officials who aren’t delusional enough to support all of the fact-free conspiracy theories Trumpers would like investigated. Trump has attacked Brnovich for not complying with his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, and has endorsed more overtly fascist candidates to replace run-of-the-mill fascists like Gov. Doug Ducey.

After Trump aimed one of his oafish attacks on Brnovich in May, Brnovich began adding more ultra-right-wing histrionics to his platform. This included writing some strongly worded letters to the Department of Justice about how they were being soft on immigration and calling the DOJ’s well-warranted leeriness over the Cyber Ninja election fraud farce-recount debacle in Arizona partisan. Recently, Brnovich has added some anti-vaxx nonsense to the public exhibits showing how low he will go to win his party’s nomination. It is all a posturing toward the two-dimensional, 1990s action star concept of masculinity that Donald Trump represents.

On Friday, Mr. Brnovich took that fragile masculinity to its foregone conclusion and tweeted this video of himself, showing everyone his nunchucks skills. Literally.

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