Video reveals Rudy Giuliani exposing Trump supporters to COVID

A video of a maskless Rudy Giuliani shows exposing Trump supporters to the coronavirus during his visit to Atlanta.


"Giuliani not only exposed himself and caught Covid, but potentially exposed hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters to the virus. … His irresponsible actions may have endangered others as well. “Dr. @meganranney

– Ana Cabrera (@AnaCabrera) December 6, 2020

Dr. Megan Ranney said on CNN, “We know that the two days before someone develops symptoms, before testing positive, is the time when they are most contagious. Not only has Giuliani exposed himself and caught Covid, but potentially hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters of the virus during its most contagious phase … his irresponsible actions may have put others at risk too. "

Giuliani may have infected Trump supporters with coronavirus a month before the Georgia Senate runoff elections. If Giuliani causes an outbreak among Trump supporters, it could cost Republicans the Senate.

The same pattern continues to repeat. Refusing to recognize and follow basic public health guidelines, Trump supporters are spreading the virus everywhere. Giuliani's infection has decimated Trump's legal team, and the consequences for the Republican Party could be devastating if that behavior increases the anger of Georgian voters with control of the US Senate.

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