Trump calls America a 3rd world nation in tantrums

Trump showed his contempt for the majority of voters who voted against him in the elections by calling America a third world country.


Trump calls America a third world country for losing the elections and claims that "great things are going to happen in the next few days," which Trump means I have nothing.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 7, 2020

Trump said, "The case was made if you look at the polls. It was a rigged choice. It's a shame on our country. It's like being in a third world country. These ball games pour in from everywhere with machines that nobody knows about. They have mishaps, as they call them. Glitches. Disturbances are not disturbances. You were caught sending thousands of votes. By the way, everything against me. Well this was from a third world nation. I think the case was made and now we're figuring out what to do about it. A lot of great things are going to happen in the next few days. "

Trump appeared to be referring to his unfounded hope that the Supreme Court will step in and overturn the election, but tomorrow is the safe haven deadline for election results. All legal challenges must be resolved before tomorrow. So it doesn't matter what Trump does after today. The elections are over.

Donald Trump gets a fit of anger and holds on to his conspiracy theories to the bitter end. The president also shows his contempt for democracy and the free and fair electoral process, which has firmly opposed him.

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