The ACLU urges Biden to permit separated households to return to the US so as to keep authorized standing

Other proponents have also pushed for protection for separated families. Last month Joaquin Castro, chairman of the Hispanic Caucus (CHC) of Congress, urged the new administration to allow families to return to the US Senator Richard Blumenthal, he Legislation was also introduced last year that would put families on a path to legal status.

"(T) Here's a question, when they're reunited, where are they going, right?" Castro told MSNBC last month. "And I think Senator Blumenthal believes, and others believe, that they should be here in the United States."

While the Trump administration was later forced to pay for psychiatric services for families it had politically traumatized, supporters for the ACLU said the federal government could go much further. "Learned added that he hopes the Biden government will also commit to creating a fund to support these families," the AP went on, "and into the hands of future assessments involving migrant families Lay experts on child welfare. "

The latter is shockingly not the case at the moment, as border guards themselves choose to separate families and in some cases their reasoning is based on outright lies. In one case, agents removed a girl from her father after accusing him of forging her birth certificate. "He did not get an interpreter during his interview, ”NBC News reported. But the paperwork was real and DNA testing showed he was her father. They weren't reunited until the next month.

Hundreds of other children have remained without their parents three years later since the shocking October report that families were torn apart when the Trump administration "piloted" family segregation on the southern border. Court documents show that of those 666 children, only a few dozen parents were identified.

This week we also found out that the administration has just shared additional contact information with lawyers hired by the court to help with family reunification. "Everyone asked whether the Trump administration helped find these families," says Gelernt told NBC News. "Not only did they fail to help, they held that data back forever." In addition to reunification, these families also need justice and accountability.

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