Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass Brisbane

Although already very popular in Australia, some property owners still have questions about the viability of artificial grass.

Synthetic turf is a common sight in Australia, both in residential and commercial properties. But for those who haven’t switched from natural grass to synthetic lawns, some questions still linger. Experts answer these frequently asked questions about artificial grass Brisbane:

Question 1: Do artificial lawns require much maintenance?

Artificial grasses are low maintenance surfaces that require very little water, and as such, they’re eco-friendly. If you need to mow your lawn, the process can be done with a push mower instead of the noisy rotary-style ones. You’ll still need to clean up debris left by kids and pets. You can opt for a broom or leaf blower if you’re concerned about the fumes from gasoline-powered ones.

Question 2: Do artificial lawns require air-conditioners?

Artificial grasses are less likely to be damaged by UV rays, and thus, they’re ideal for outdoor use. In addition, you don’t need an air conditioner to keep your household cool because these synthetic turf surfaces absorb the heat from the sun during the daytime. And give off heat at night, enabling you to keep your house at average temperatures.

Yes, artificial grasses do require regular cleaning and maintenance, unlike natural lawns. But as mentioned above, these surfaces can be cleaned and maintained easily by yourself. Especially if you opt for the top-of-the-line 3G synthetic turf designed to withstand wear and tear from kids and pets.

Question 3: How often do artificial lawns need to be replaced?

While synthetic grass’s longevity depends on how well you maintain it, they typically last for at least ten years. Some high-quality brands of synthetic turf can last up to 20 years with minimal or no upkeep. But here’s a word of advice from artificial grass Brisbane experts: take good care of your artificial lawn, and it will last for years to come.

Question 4: What kind of maintenance do artificial grass require?

Keeping your synthetic turf in proper condition is not rocket science, but you should still be familiar with the basics. Here are a few general pointers on how to maintain your fake lawn so that it stays in tip-top shape for the years to come:

  • Drain away water regularly. Position drains every 2m around your synthetic surface so that rainwater stays away from your turf. Make sure these drains or pipes are correctly installed and do not clog
  • Protect your lawn from UV damage by covering it up when you’re not using it. Artificial turf rugs are explicitly designed to protect your turf from UV damage and help it stay in good condition
  • Remove all dead leaves, grass or other debris daily so that the airflow flows freely through the surface. Otherwise, you may find that your synthetic lawn becomes mouldy faster.
  • Check for any damage once a week and patch up any spots as soon as you can. Maintain a clean, dry surface by cleaning away dirt and debris with air blowers weekly.

Artificial grasses are ideal for low-maintenance environments. With the above tips in mind, your fake lawn will last longer than expected.

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