She put up lights. Able to play the & # 39; Grinch & # 39; to see. Then armed Trump cultists confirmed up

There was no fraud in Michigan, nor were there anywhere near credible allegations of fraud. Just a bunch of rabid fools making totally baseless allegations that they didn't produce any evidence either. In fact, the weekend was occupied by two more state and federal court losses in Michigan in Trump's epic series of legal losers across the country.

On Friday, a Michigan state appeals court rejected Team Trump's efforts to challenge the state's postal vote count. And on Monday, a Michigan federal judge issued a damning statement denying Trump's efforts to decertify the election.

"This lawsuit appears to be less about obtaining the relief plaintiffs seek – as much of that relief is beyond the power of this court, than about the impact of their allegations on people's confidence in and in the democratic process Trust in our government, "she wrote to Judge Linda Parker.

Trump's cultists have been terrorizing Michigan state officials for much of the year, initially questioning Governor Gretchen Whitmer's efforts to slow the spread of the pandemic through various social distancing restrictions. Inspired by Trump's spring warnings to "liberate" the state, a heavily armed cohort stormed the State Capitol in April. That fall, Whitmer was also the target of a kidnapping by a multinational terrorist group.

On Sunday, Benson issued a statement pushing back baseless efforts to delegitimize the state vote.Through blatantly bogus press releases, purely political hearings, false legal claims and so-called "affidavits" that do not provide clear or conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, those who are dissatisfied with the results of these elections have an unprecedented, dangerous and egregious one Election campaigns continued to undermine public confidence in the results of one of the safest, most accessible and transparent elections in our state's history. "

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