McConnell is one step nearer to screwing Trump's anti-First Modification FCC election

Another step is the fast trainee Nathan Simington (pronounced "Simon-ton"), who replaces the sacked FCC Republican Mike O'Reilly. Simington's only claim to fame is the person who is astute enough to help draft Trump's Executive Order to try to overturn Section 230. This move would make the FTC and the FCC unconstitutional as arbitrators for freedom of speech on social media platforms. Hypocritical even to a Republican.

If the Republican Party can stave off challenges in the Georgia Senate runoff on Jan. 5, it can potentially block any FCC election President Biden makes for chairmanship after Verizon Shill Ajit Pai resigns. However, in order to create a 2-2 standstill between Democrats and Republicans before Biden takes office, the Republican Senate must approve Simington's nomination. On Wednesday, they got one step closer to sabotaging another government agency when the Senate Commerce Committee voted to push Simington's nomination.

It's important to note that Simington is the choice and is the result of Trump's emotionally volatile incompetence. If he didn't feel so emotional that his BS lie was declared, the Republican Party wouldn't have to worry about bothering a guy ambitious enough and morally vacant enough to write executive orders for freshman law students . To see just how unqualified and radically fascist Simington's position is regarding government encroachment on First Amendment issues, even Republican Mike O'Reilly, a staunch Conservative FCC advocate and no friend of American consumers, warned that the First Amendment that was what it was about using Trump and Republicans pressured to roll back Section 230.

The Republican Party would simply have stalled on any other, less toxic, iteration and wouldn't even have considered Simington's nomination during that lame duck session, but then the conservative big business think tank reminded McConnell and others that they are slowing regulatory progress by speeding up could by even the most incompetent candidate. I mean, McConnell has been stamping incompetent far-right judges for the past four years. Any chance of reinstating some consumer protection measures via net neutrality, with an FCC interesting for their work, disappears when McConnell can block a Biden candidate.

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