How To Find the Right Dentist West Lakes

Finding the right dentist to care for your smile can be intimidating, but Dentist West Lakes offers a full range of services that make it easy to get the care you need. First, determine how you can find the right dentist.

Dentist West Lakes is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Adelaide’s heart. Established in 2020, this modern facility offers various dental services, including cleanings, fillings, sealants, crowns and bridges, implants, and other orthodontic treatments. The clinic is renowned for its excellent standards of professional care and friendly staff.

Services Available

Dentist West Lakes offers a comprehensive selection of general and cosmetic dentistry services to cater to your individual needs. Our experienced dentists and hygienists use the latest techniques and materials to give you the best possible results with minimal discomfort or inconvenience. Whether it’s a filling or something more complex like implants or crowns, our team can provide quality treatment tailored to your requirements. You can find out more info here.

We also offer specialised treatments such as Invisalign braces, whitening procedures and anti-wrinkle injections – designed to improve your smile and boost your confidence. Plus, we have an onsite laboratory to fabricate custom-made crowns and other prostheses.

Why Choose Us?

At Dentist West Lakes, we pride ourselves on providing personalized treatment for our clients at affordable prices. Our attention to detail means that no two patients will ever receive the same treatment plan – instead, we take the time to assess each case from every angle so that you can be sure you’re always getting the best possible outcome for your teeth and smile.

dentist West Lakes

We understand that many people find visiting the dentist stressful, so we strive to make all our visits stress-free. We focus on creating a welcoming, calming, and supportive atmosphere so that our patients can feel at ease while they are being cared for in our office. Moreover, we offer payment plans with various finance options available – meaning that cost needn’t stand between you and good oral health!

How to Keep Teeth Healthy

Having good oral hygiene is essential for both our general health and well-being. While it’s important to visit your dentist regularly, there are plenty of ways to keep our teeth healthy at home. Here are a few tips for keeping your teeth in top condition.


Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You should brush in circular motions, paying extra attention to hard-to-reach areas such as behind the molars. Replace your toothbrush every three months or after you’ve had a cold or flu virus – whichever comes first.


What you eat directly impacts your oral health, so make sure you opt for nutritious foods as part of a balanced diet. Avoid too many sugary snacks and drinks – they stick around in hard-to-reach places in the mouth, increasing the risk of decay. Instead, choose foods like whole grains, dairy products, and lean proteins, which provide essential vitamins and minerals for strong enamel and healthy gums.

Oral Hygiene Routine

Apart from brushing twice daily and avoiding sugary snacks, it’s also important that you see your dentist every six months (or more often if required) for professional checkups and cleanings, alongside adopting an at-home oral hygiene routine such as regular gentle scraping of your tongue using a tongue scraper (which can help remove bacteria which causes bad breath). This will help prevent plaque buildup and reduce the risk of gum disease in the long term.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your teeth remain healthy, functional, and looking their best throughout life!

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Dentist West Lakes today! You can call us or book an appointment online by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon! You can find out more info here.

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