Greater than 1,500 attorneys are calling for the bar associations to analyze and sanction Trump's "Elite Strike Drive".

As a mastermind of the scheme, Giuliani pulls most of the lawyers' condemnation: "Mr Giuliani's goal is obvious: to advance Mr Trump's campaign to delegitimize the election results," they write. "Lawyers take an oath to support the constitution. Lawyers who lie to advance the partisan interests of a politician or client dishonor the constitutional system they swore to uphold, the legal profession and themselves." They also call Joseph DiGenova on shame, citing his "outrageous November 30th statement on Newsmax that former director of the agency for cybersecurity and infrastructure security, Christopher Krebs," should be "taken out and shot at dawn".

"We condemn this behavior unreservedly," they conclude. "It affects the legal profession and the multitude of attorneys of all political beliefs who honorably serve their clients and the public on a daily basis. Our profession must attest that this behavior departs greatly from the Bar Association's deep commitment to democratic institutions and the fact-based processes of the vitality of ours Preserve democracy. "The dozen of law professors and former judges are joined by at least two US attorneys, several former attorneys at the US Department of Justice, and dozen former attorney general and assistant attorney general. And hundreds of practicing and retired lawyers who have taken their oath to uphold the rule of law seriously. Everyone who has been admitted to the bar will be asked to sign.

This is a good start to winning the rule of law back to Trump, and the bar associations need to heed it and act.

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