Biden’s pandemic, financial approval rankings are hovering

Biden’s high marks on the pandemic also appear to be translating to high marks on the economic recovery as well, with 60% of respondents approving of it. Between the pandemic and the economic recovery, Biden is earning strong support among both Democrats and Independents. Here’s the breakdown:

Joe Biden approval ratings on pandemic, economy
Pandemic handling vaccine distribution economic response
Democrats 96% 92% 89%
Independents 74% 77% 63%

Where Biden is underwater at the moment is on his handling of gun violence (42% approve, 57% disapprove) and the surge of migrant children at the border (41% approve, 57% disapprove).

But in terms of the issues that remain most important for most Americans at present—the pandemic and the economy—President Biden is meeting the moment. Biden and his White House will now pivot to passing a massive infrastructure bill that could revolutionize the country’s economy for the 21st century. 

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