The election ended a month in the past, however Republicans are nonetheless too afraid of Trump to confess the outcomes

For the past week, the Washington Post has reached every Republican in the House and Senate. That is a total of 249 members of Congress.

The Post asked these Republicans this simplest question: who won the 2020 presidential election? Of the respondents, 222 reported ignorance or refusal to say a condition that the survey identified as "complicit silence. "

Despite confirming far more votes than needed to secure the election and ignoring Trump's record in court, only 25 Republican members were willing to keep records and say that Joe Biden had won. Meanwhile, 232 Republicans refused to say whether Trump should continue his attacks on the democratic process, and 8 actually encouraged the judicial "fight" to continue.

At the end of the aisle that is way beyond reason, Republicans Representatives Paul Gosar and Mo Brooks were ready to declare a winner: Trump. because Hugo Chavez or boxes with voices or something else that has been refuted over and over again.

One month after the election, the result is beyond doubt. It wasn't really in doubt since the evening of Election Day itself. What is shown, however, is how weak Republicans are and how they would rather watch the nation bleed than face Donald Trump.

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