Republicans take heed to Trump and will not vote within the Georgia Senate runoff

Many Republicans in Georgia believe Trump's election fraud is lying and are considering not voting in the Senate runoff elections.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported:

However, remarks by Nobile and other Trump supporters at GOP rallies across the state this week suggest that years of unsubstantiated claims about structural election flaws have undermined confidence in the system at a time when the Georgia races are never closer were.

In interviews with dozens of Republican voters and activists, many said they were confident in the election or would give up concerns in order to vote against Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Others openly discussed whether to take part in the runoff elections.

Republicans' fears were realized on Saturday night when Trump came to Georgia to hold a rally for the GOP Senate incumbents. Aside from a few brief mentions of incumbents that Trump incorporated into his fantasy narrative of the elections he stole, the whole rally was about Trump telling Georgia Republicans that their state is holding elections and fear of Stacey Abrams Has.

Trump only showed up in Georgia because he wants the credit if Republicans hold onto the seats and control of the Senate, but the president probably did more to harm the Republican turnout than to help him than he constantly does Attacked members of his own party and his baseless party pushed for electoral fraud claims.

Senate drains will tighten, and Trump's self-serving rally is likely to cost the Republicans' votes.

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