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Do High Heels Really Cause Harm: Busting the Myth

High heels have a notorious reputation, yet why do all women wear them?

There’s a long-standing myth that high heels are bad for your health. From back pain to bunions, it seems like there’s nothing that these shoes can’t cause. But is this true? We dug to find out if womens high heels are as harmful as people say they are. Here’s what we found.

The history of high heels and how they became popular

High heels have been associated with femininity and power for centuries; their complicated relationship with style dates back to the 17th century. We owe the invention of high heels to Persian horseback riders, who needed increased traction while riding and chose to wear a slightly higher heal shape than their European counterparts. Centuries later, heels transitioned into everyday fashion when they became associated with fashionable French royalty in the early 1700s. 

Women began wearing high heels as statements of elegance and as symbols of strength. This trend culminated in the 1940s with Marilyn Monroe famously proclaiming: “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” Since then, it has become clear that although impractical for everyday wear, a pair of show-stopping stilettos or delicate kitten heels can give a woman the perfect choice of shoe to make her feel elegant and powerful no matter the occasion.

The negative effects of wearing high heels, including back pain and foot problems

Although undeniably stylish, it is no longer fashionable to wear high heels. While slipping into a pair of fashionable pumps may be glamorous at the moment, make sure you are making smart choices so your ankles, back, and overall health don’t suffer! It has been shown repeatedly that the negative effects of wearing high heels daily can have lasting impacts on your body – anything from back pain to cramping feet and more. From bunions to hammertoes and beyond, high heels not only mess with your gait and posture but can also leave you with less-than-desirable long-term aches, pains and injuries.

The positive aspects of high heels, such as increasing confidence and making the legs look longer

Embracing high heels guarantees a touch of glamour no matter what the occasion. High heels can boost confidence and make an outfit truly stand out. These shoes also make the legs look longer, creating a stylish silhouette that looks good. High heels can add a touch of elegance to an everyday ensemble or complete a dazzling evening gown for a night out. They pair well with almost anything but make sure you invest in quality ones to stay comfortable all night.

How to wear high heels without causing harm, including choosing the right size and style 

High heels can bring an outfit together, but they can be uncomfortable and even harmful if worn incorrectly. To maximize your comfort while wearing high heels, it’s important to choose the right size and style. Start by selecting a size that fits you correctly; if you’re in between sizes, it might be best to opt for the bigger one, as shoes that are too small can put unnecessary strain on your feet. 

Additionally, select a heel height that works for you; anything too tall may be impossible to walk in comfortably and strain your feet. To further reduce strain and harm to your feet, consider investing in quality shoes with cushioned insoles or ankle support. Finally, vary the types of high heels you wear so that the same areas of your feet don’t experience stress again and again. With these tips, wearing womens high heels doesn’t need to be painful – go out and rock those stilettos!